Saturday, March 25, 2006

Handy Guide for Qing dates used in Chinese Temples

Here are some dates according to the reign of the emperors that are commonly found in Chinese temples and houses in Singapore :

Dao Guang (Dao Kuang) 1821-1851
Emperor who lost Hong Kong to Britain,

Xian Feng (Hsien Feng) 1851-1862
Emperor who married Cixi, see

Tong Zhi (Tung Chih) 1826 - 1875
Emperor who died of STD, see

Guang Xu (Kuang Hsu) 1875 - 1908
- Reformist emperor with tragic end, see

Xuan Tong (Hsuan Tung) 1908 - 1911
- Puyi, see

Min Guo ( Min Kuo) 1911 - present Taiwan
- Sun Yat Sen, see