Sunday, January 29, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for visiting this blog on the History and Architecture of Chinese Temples in Singapore. I have uploaded pictures of about 47 historic Chinese temples & buildings on this blog todate. Please go to the various monthly archives to see the entire collection. For a list of old temples to visit in Singapore, click on the December 2004 archive. If you have any other juicy info about any temples, please leave your data on the comments at the end of each article. I update these pages when I am free and in the mood, so do drop by once in a while to see updates. Happy templing !


Blogger sj chan said...

Hi, I'm also interested in local traditional chinese architecture too. Really delighted to read your blog and I think it is really rare to come across such a systematic compilation of most of the historic chinese buildings in singapore.
There's a temple which I came across a few years back at keong saik street I think, it is called Chun Ti Gong. It is found among the rows of shop houses which used to be the main red light district before geylang (some of them are still in business!) The temple has a traditional timber roof in the old chinese style, but it's got 2 levels just like a shop house; inside, behind the mainhall is a small courtyard and the caretaker's living space with a dinning area and kitchen. The care taker is a cantonese old lady...I'm really concerned about the future of this temple; what happens if there's no one to look after it anymore...inside, there's a really old world feel to it as if transporting you back 50 or 60 years back. I dun know what the second level is like; proabably living quarters for the caretaker.

11:27 PM  
Blogger JessOBrien said...

Hi Kent Neo,

My name is Jess, I have a blog that is devoted to posting images of Taoist and Confucian temples from around the world. Please take a look at:


-Jess O

4:05 PM  
Blogger janet said...

I am Janet. I came from Myanmar for studying in Singapore. Now I am studying in Temasek Polytechinc. My course is Intelligent Building Technology. Now I am in the first year.
In our syllabus for 1st year, we have to do one oral presentation. Our teacher gave us 33 topics. We can choose one of these. As for me, I chose about historical buildings in Singapore. I am intrested in Chinese Temple buildings. I researched on the internet to get any information about Chinese temples and saw your website.
I would like to ask u about which temples I should choose and can I get any information about the temples(such as background history, architecture features,some photos, etc.). I have been in Singapore for only 2 months.
I need your help and your suggestion. I hope you can help me. Let me say again, if you have time, please kindly help me.
With Regard,

11:43 AM  
Blogger janet said...

My email address is

12:09 PM  
Blogger Kent Neo said...

Hi Janet,
Welcome to Singapore! In fact, I just had a great Burmese dinner at Peninsula Plaza today :)
AS for your query for infoomation on Chinese architecture in Singapore, I would recommend Shuang Lin Monastery in Toa Payoh. Why this temple? Its probably the most well documented Chinese temple in Singapore as it had just went through some vigorous restoration and documentation few years back (last phase is on the way). Try calling up RSP architects, Mr Liu Thai Ker's team was in charge of the project. They have lots on info on the temple. Ask your tutor for making the contact if need be.

8:59 AM  
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